Betsy Popkes turned Meredith Popkes and Caroline Stafford into Sluts.

As bad parents beget bad children, the “Whore of Beaverton” Betsy Popkes turned her daughter against God and to her own sick perversions.



Sex with Steve Popkes Satisfied Betsy Stafford more.

Betsy Slavkiovsky Stafford Popkes filed against John Stafford because infertile apostate sex with married man Steve Popkes satisfied her more. This is an abomination. As she cut off her own seed, she resorts to stealing children like Asher C. Heifetz, subjecting him to her perversions and lies. She is a wicked person!

Saint Laura, a Saint for Families

Forgotten by her own parents, Laura is known to few. St. Laura was born and died the next day a baptized babe, but her intercession and favor is very powerful to God. Saint Laura, intercede for Our intentions to the Sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, for peace, the consecration of Russia, and the wisdom made flesh to lift up and enflame our souls with the burning desire of eternal life. To trust in God Alone, is the wisdom of this delicate, pure, and righteous soul.

January 10th, the unofficial Feast day, is the date of her death.

“Blessed by God is the death of his Saints.”

Hosanna in Excelsis! Hosana, in the Highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Amen.

St. Laura, Ora Pro Nobis.

St. Joseph, Pillar of Families, Ora Pro Nobis.


“The Ten Commandments” Movie is Heretical.

The Ten Commandments is on TV every Easter, but this well-known “blockbuster” is a horrific absurdity from Hell. First of all, Moses was not a sexy flirt. He had a speech impediment. He did not attend dances in the Wilderness to get wives. He did not part the sea with one swoop; it took “all night,” according to Genesis. Moses knew his birth family and it was never known exactly how he killed the Egyptian.

Moses met with the Ancients before visiting Pharaoh, who was never named in Scripture, and who died in the Red Sea. Also the Lord killed the firstborn Egyptians, not the “Angel of Death,” although God has certainly sent angels to kill (Kings). There are many more scrupulosities. But the most atrociodesecrationexual attire of the actors, swanky speaches, added romances, and erotic dances in the show.  The scantally clad females should be enough to throw this so-called “hit” in the garbage. Moses was not a TV personality. He was a meek and humble prophet, chosen by God, to establish the Old Testament. The remaining 600+ laws he gave to us, including how he broke the first set of stones, and how he “hit the rock twice,” disobeying God, are not mentioned, as well as when an angel tried to kill Moses for his delay in his son’s circumcision, which was required at the time.

he Movie cares not for the Ten Commandments themselves, but his a heretical desicration of Our Lord’s Exodus.  “You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

Watching this Movie certainty constitutes at least a Veniel sin; perhaps more for baptized Catholics who watch, teach, or spread this heretical garbage.

The truth is, 99.9% of TV is scandalous garbage and should not be watched. Only Latin masses, sermons, and truthful biographies on the Angels and Saints should be watched, because to see is to covet, and the eyes and ears are the way into the weaknesses of sin. “Hedge in thy ears with thorns.”

There are No Good Priests Anymore.

There are no more good priests anymore simply because we dont deserve them. We have been bad, and sin too much, as Our Lady of Fatima said. There are terrible, Satan-ridden priests in the World today. I know not one priest who would “lay down his Life:” money, friends, comforts, etc., for a parishoner, and definitely not an enemy. This is sacrilege.

Priests today are fueled by vice: worldly accolades, contacts, and pursuits. Dining, food, and sex. Leaving to paruse women without a collar. IPhones. Priests are often ordained without a true calling since Vatican 2. Psychology and State politics precedes helping the meek and poor. Widows are expelled! It’s frightful!

Why Jews (and Fake Jews) Reject Jesus Christ

Jews  (and fake Jews) reject the God-man mainly due to social status. They don’t want to “look bad” among friends, but will admit Jesus is God. The reason they dont commit is laziness fueled by a desire for worldly power, and to be Catholic is to be a fool to the world, rejecting all things. They would “lose everything” by converting, outcasted and poor, but, they would be happier, spiritually speaking, both in this life and the next.

Latin is the Chosen Language of God

Our Lord Jesus Christ chose Latin inscriptions on the Cross, the start of the New Covenant, to establish His Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, so why, after 2000 years are we speaking in 100’s of different languages at so-called “new masses?”, when God clearly defined us as One Faith.

Latin not only is a Holy Language, rooted in Rome and frightful to demons, but it is also an indestructible language because the words cannot and do not change context, as a Grace of the Holy Ghost after men’s sin at the Tower of Babble. Christ resurrected our language and we spit in his face, to destroy his command.

New Mass “Priests” hate Latin because they refuse to unite to the True Church, one Faith and Holy Ghost. This is a frightful abomination.

Vatican I Destroyed by 1960’s Communist Generation.

“Papal Infallibility,” as defined in Vatican I, was never intended to superfy the Pontiff or Godify him, it was only designed as a subtle reminder that when the Chair is speaking “as a shepherd and a teacher,” in Communion with the Catholic Faith and ideas, and with the pure intention of establishing order, he is to be followed. But if these preliminaries are not met, the Chair is NOT speaking in context of any Faith at all, but becomes a blabbering fool.

Betsy Popkes, the Whore of Beaverton

In scripture the Whore of Babylon is a woman, mother, pervert, and adultress against God’s Laws. “When you break one law, you break them all,” Christ warns us. The Whore seeps into Catholic dogma to detroy and steal the Faith. “The light of the Faith will be extinguished,” states Our Lady of Good Success.

There is No Salvation outside the walls of the Catholic Pre-Vatican 2 Faith. Repent! The Time is near. Vatican 2 apostacies have led the Faith to an all-time low, and bad parents are corrupting the Faith, as the Whore of Babylon.